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Helen Vangikar's Medical Review Officer Workshops – 2023 dates

Enhance your knowledge of drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace with workshops led by experienced analytical scientist Helen Vangikar.

Please note: these training days run throughout the year. Please see the link below for upcoming dates.

Helen Vangikar’s Medical Review Officer (MRO) Workshop provides delegates with an understanding of the facts about drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace including how to compile a substance misuse policy, choice of biological sample, choice of service provider and interpretation of reports generated by the laboratory. 

MRO Training, part 1 with 5.5 CPD points

Course content:

- The role of the Medical Review Officer (MRO) including the Medical Review

- Laboratory process

- Adulteration checks and how donors try and mislead the testing

- Drug metabolism looking at the facts and fiction behind positive samples

- Evaluation and debate of Chain of Custody cases through result interpretation

MRO Training, part 2 with 5.0 CPD points

Course content:
- Use of alternative biological samples; hair, oral fluid, sweat

- Pros and cons of Point of Collection (POC) devices

- Quality and accreditation, minimum service level to expect

- Alcohol including biomarkers such as EtG/EtS, FAEE

- Evaluation via MCQs

Who should attend:
Occupational Health Nurses; Occupational Health Physicians; GPs and other associated medical and non-medical professionals

Dates and venues:

Policy, afternoon         Collection Officer         MRO1             MRO2

Zoom UK/GMT                         13-Feb              14-Feb                          15-Feb             16-Feb

Zoom UK/BST                         07-Aug             08-Aug                         09-Aug             10-Aug

Zoom UAE/BST-3hrs                16-Apr              17-Apr                          18-Apr             19-Apr

Zoom UAE/BST-3hrs               01-Oct              02-Oct                          03-Oct             04-Oct

For further information on these and other courses which are held throughout the year in various locations go to: www.helenvangikar.com/training

Or email helen@helenvangikar.com


January 1st, 2023 1:40 PM through December 31st, 2023 12:00 AM
United Kingdom
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